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Dinner at Blu Hwy


Sat down in a lovely atmosphere about 20 minutes ago. Still haven’t received beverages, but everywhere is low on staffing so it’s understandable. Will update!

Update: 8:52pm

Enjoying a lovely glass of Bergamote 2018 Rosé at a fair price.

Appetizers arrived like a rogue wave, not that my party minds that! The chicken drumsticks were fried to perfection. Moist. The chile corn chowder was terrific.

The barbecued octopus with chickpeas was a fun way to eat seafood and of course we finished our appetizer buffet with the shrimp cocktail.

Also, I tend to judge the quality of a restaurant by its house salad, and the house salad here is at least a 7 out of 10.

The rosé is working with it all.

Looking forward to the crispy rainbow trout with pork belly.

Update: 11:07pm

Combining rainbow trout and pork belly with jicama is fucking next level. Mario jumping up, hitting a brick and getting a coin type stuff. I'm not going to lay here and act like the worlds biggest food expert but wow was I impressed. And with a drizzle of molasses(?) based sauce acting almost as a BBQ dressing the plate, coitus is performed by a pig, trout, and as always, jicama.

Peace and Love,

BBQ Jack

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